About Me

I help and encourage people just like you to make your music the very best it can be.

I’ve been doing this for decades and I also specialise in working with foreign singers too whose first language is not English, getting their pronunciation to seamlessly translate and helping stretch their vocal delivery to be first rate, along with capturing the true magic of the performance for a successful international career.

I’ve helped everyone from Bonnie Tyler and Cliff Richard to Holly Johnson, Ringo Star, Kim Wilde and The Blockheads.

How I Work

When I hear a sound, see an image or talk music to an artist things start to happen…

It’s an inspirational thing - It’s definitely not about recording studios, microphones, mixing boards and computers and all the other gizmos we use to make our individual noises - Those things are just tools!

It’s first and foremost about the people involved, the Artists, understanding what their aspirations are, what their vision really is and then guiding them successfully to their creative goal.....

What They Say

‘Charley Foskett definitely knows his stuff - He is a really good songwriter and knows how to put a track or two together as well’
Ringo Starr - (‘It’s a Live-In-World’ / The Anti Heroin Project (EMI) - Tittenhurst Park, Ascot (1986)
The Beatles, Ringo Starr’s all Star Band.

‘Charles is very laid back and a master of producing great guitar sounds - A great inspirational guy to have on your sessions’.
Mick Taylor - The Rolling Stones, John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, The Mick Taylor Band.